Bluemart Black Market Platform Script


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Nov 20, 2017
BlueMart is a black market platform coded in a secured environment offering the possibility to host your own market.
We can add/change any needed function, cryptocurrency, security future, design, etc.
Escrow is welcomed

-Futures list-

- Own bitcoin server / own API's
- Smart escrow system with listing auto finalization based on postage options
- Friendly design with fast loading css
- Captcha images containing main market URL ( to prevent phishing ) - can be setup/changed from admin settings
- PIN for withdrawls
- Security Mnemonic uppon registration
- 2Factor authentification based on PGP
- Smart deposit & withdraw system - deposit / withdraw history, Generate new wallet option, wallet autochange each new deposit, wallet auto change each 7 days of no deposit - bitcoin mixer / blender
- Secured and detailed admin control over the entire market and its activity
- Detailed statistics
- Futured listings option ( price configurable by admin / week / month )
- Become a vendor automatic system ( price can be specified by admin )
- News system
- Well detailed FAQ system
- Encrypt messages automatically using seller's PGP key option when sending messages / ordering
- Smart dispute system
- Smart support system
- Freeze / Unfreeze seller's withdraw
- Freeze / Unfreeze market's global withdraw
- Auto delivery for digital items
- Smart Trust system based on user sale/buy ammount and feedback score
- Finalize early (FE) permission request semi-automated system
- Detailed notification system
- Very secured infrastructure and fast loading content / fast encrypted database migrations
- Anti DDoS optimization
And many other functions.

Price: $10,000

Live demo uppon contact

Contact info

Wickr: cryptocoder
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Mar 21, 2013
Great work script is tested by site administration 100% clean and coded with modern technology.
100% secure
Highly recommend vendor
He must be best programmer