Christmas Offers Buy Iphone X And 8 Plus In Lowest Price In Market

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Staff member
Mar 21, 2013

Here is super offer special for you

Offer 1

1X iPhone X 64GB
Price 200$

Offer 2
1X iPhone X 256GB

Price 300$

How to order this offer :
1- Send 200$ Bitcoins to Address : 168qiJz1jqgikQnx7AMZ4rHRY7vhoVg7Fs
2- Send Bitcoin Transaction ID to ICQ: 550-0080 (You can also reply thread transaction ID )
3- send your shipping address to ICQ: 550-0080
4- Wait for next 24 hours to provide you tracking ID
5- 3-7 Days or sometime 3-15 days package will arrive at your doorstep

For support and inquiries please contact ICQ: 550-0080

Important Note from Vendor

Please consider time importance when you have money contact with us .
we accept payment via Bitcoins if you don't have bitcoins please visit
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to buy bitcoin from your local seller or exchanger of bitcoins.

This offer not for Indian . if any Indian brother want Phone please visit any local shop who accept cash on delivery

Your deal is under administration protection don't worry about your money website administration is able to provide you full refund in case you aren't able to receive phone.