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Nov 15, 2017
i am God Mod from various online websites like Alphabay Hasna Market Silk Road and Dream market also was on Eveolation market . i am working since 2001 i decided to gain my buyers so i am here i already provided demonstration of my service to website administration. for further information you can contact me of with website staff .
i am serious in business and my time is very important please do not wast my time in asking stupid questions only contact me when you have mode to buy any service related to me .
otherwise you will be on my ignore list and you will not allow to send me message in future .
here is list of services i am providing right now ..

DDOS Service :

i can take any website down with strong DDOS attack which bypass any firewall like Cloudflare Incapsula DDOS-Gaud and similar services can be ddoses with my bots . We use latest patren of attack which can fuck any website withen few minutes even we can crash server resources and put them permanently down.

We can give you demonstration of our service without any charges

here is rates


Order service DDoS attacks to verify your server or site vulnerability in fault tolerance under a high load.

We have a huge set of tools so that you can order quality DDoS attacks and remain comfortable with the outcome.

Our experts will not only test the site but also give quality advice on any questions.


  1. For the site, the server on Shared hosting price of 50$.
  2. For the site, the server on a VPS server price from 75$.
  3. For the site, the server on VDS server price from 100$.
  4. For the site, the server uses the services of anti-DDoS companies price from 400$.
  5. Blocking domain (site) at the registrar of 1000$.
  6. Flood number (Cell, landline) from 75$.

A Class Anonymous Abuse protected Web Hosting dedicated server VPS & VDS servers

I would like to introduce you our new abuse-protected service and to begin with, I shall explain why we are the best.

1. We have our own platforms, and both of them are located in Europe

2. We have our own hardware and are able to make any server configuration by your demand

3. We have great channels and technical opportunity to make them even greater. Each server get its dedicated channel.

4. We host everything. Except what is not come along with our moral, which is child porno

5. We have our own sub-networks of IP addresses.

6. We do not set our servers at third parties and do not resell shit-hosting that do not guarantee anything. We do not resell anything in fact and run at our own capacities only.

7. Our platforms have reserve channels and superb security systems that are harder that Fort Knox and protect your information from anyone, including government structures.

8. We have very good relationships with government services and can guarantee that you are protected from unaware visits to your offices from them. In case of serious problems about clearing at the horizon, we would be able to solve them before they habtcen and secure any gaps in work and disconnects.

9. Why there is not too much of public information about us? For a long time we were providing hosting solutions in private for many respectful organizations. Now, we have technical opportunity to provide our services to anybody. We feel ourselves able to compete with any other services in price and quality and what we do, is giving you a guaranty that your information and services will be abuse protected instead of bulletining clients and getting fucked up at the first Spam house and alike services attack.

Our services are:

FastFlux Shared Hosting

* 2 Gb at the HDD

* Up to 10 parked domains

* Dedicated DNS servers

* Hosting control pannels

* Unlimited Traffic

* Necessary modules and soft for free

50$ per month (Minimum 3 months contract discount possible on yearly based plans )

FastFlux Virtual servers (VDS/VPS) (ideal for forums shops and other projects )

* VmWare Technology Xen KVM (Highly Encrypted * Secure containers )

* Full root-access to servers

* Up to 25% CPU Xeon

* From 2 GB RAM

* From 50 GB HDD

* Unlimited traffic (With a decent fair usage policy can be discussed on ICQ )

* Free setup/resetup

* Full software set

* Additional IP addresses if necessary

* 1 Front end and 10 back end servers (Additional back end and front end servers available on demand )

* Modren FastFlux 3.0 & FastFlux 4.0 (also possibility of HybredFlux with extra charges )

150$ per month (Minimum 3 months contract discount possible on yearly based plans)

FastFlux Dedicated servers

* Different configurations

* 24 hours setup

* Unlimited traffic

* Free setup/resetup

* Any OS for free (including Windows)

* Additional IP addresses if necessary

* 1 Front end and 10 back end servers (Additional back end and front end servers available on demand )

* Modern FastFlux 3.0 & FastFlux 4.0 (also possibility of HybridFlux with extra charges )

400$ per month (Minimum 3 months contract discount possible on yearly based plans)

Prices are constant and can be changed to higher only if you require additional services or require advanced configuration. In case you of prohibited content found (child porno) we would have to disconnect you from our services.

Sales Support : 44488
Technical Support : 360-000-333
Telegram : GodModHost
Email : godmodhost@protonmail.com
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