Gta 5 Steam carding fresh


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Feb 23, 2018
Steps :-
1. Keep Your IP As Brazil ( Any VPN )
2. Go To Google Type Steam
3. Click On Steam
4. Create A New Account
5. Go To Search Type GTA V
6. Click On Buy GTA V
7. Purchase For My Self and Confirm Your Email
8. Note Your Email Should be Private So Use this Mail
9. Email Confirmed click continue
10. Select Payment As ( MasterCard National ) then continue
11. click On continue to BoaCompara
12. Click On steam agreement
13. Copy This Bin 554613xxxxxxxxxx Generate Random CVV And Expiry Date
14. Generate This bin with Site
15. Generate 50 and copy And Paste into CCchecker
16. Copy Live Credit Cards
17. Fill from Of Boacompara
18. Generate Random CPF Generado
19. Generate and Verify it and copy and Paste into CPF
20. For Random Infromation Click here
21. Now Click On Complete Purchase and Hurray You Got GTA V

It worked For Me 100%
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