hello Guy's i am droping Here new method 100% working now


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Nov 29, 2016
Hong kong
Alright, G2A store is cardable through their android app ( latest version works and version 1.53 and ones before it. 1.6 something and 1.7 something version ask for more details ).
After you install app either on emulated android on your computer or on actual android phone/tablet you create G2A account with email with cardholdder's name ( it's not necesarry to have cardholdder's name, but it's preferable, also use corporate mail ). You pick the giftcard you want to bu, later in cart you disable G2A shield ( it's one click ) and it will only ask you for CC number, exp date and cvv. After transaction is confirmed it will ask ou for phone number to confirm purchase. You can use literally any actually existing phone number to receive confirmation code in sms which you later type ( I used Austrian, Montenegrin and Croatian sim cards for ccs which were Us based ) and you will receive gift card on email and you can also read giftcard activation code directly in an app. It really doesn't matter which one number you use, it only matters it's that is one number per one credit card, you can buy any prepaid sim. Later you just sell giftcard directly for btc on paxfull