When you card too much pizza/food, Almost caught! funny real storry

May 14, 2018
Whatsup people of verified,
Today IM gonna share an interesting story

This will cover why u need good opSec and good social engineering skills
This is a real story and happened today..​

What happened?
So basically lets start with some background...
Me and some friends we enjoy smoking a ton of weed, this day was no different. We smoked a lot of weed and decided we where gonna buy something to eat with fraud (this is normal we order for 100s of dollars daily) We be eating good, sushi.. Pizza, expensive places. We always order food to some random door "Apartment block" and pickup with no problem. Keep in mind if you do this urself don't do over 100 dollars per order, unless u have fake id ;) But we don't have this... So we just order for under 100 and pickup, so.. Today we order from some expensive cafe. And normally we always change up who fetches the food/pizza, today I fetch it with some girl. Basically what we do is, we order - Send it to some door close - Then we wait inside for delivery man - Delivery man come - We accept pizza and wait inside until he goes or drives off - Then we go back to the crip/HQ. Today was a bit different, delivery man come but he left the food outside because no one answer the phone "we use non existent phone number" and the door buzzer "and we didn't hear him cuz idiot did not knock" after we wait 20 min we open door and see the food outside the door.. We take it and proceed walking to the crip. Suddenly we hear some guy shout, it was the delivery man. I knew in this situation I had to stay calm, and I did.. So he ask us if its for us and why we are going away with the pizza, I make some realistic lie. He believe it and goes back to Hess car. Then suddenly 2 min after he shouts again and starts running towards us, so we think quick and decide to hide in some random apartment block, we run to the door, I insert key.... Key gets stuck because I broke it because I was panicking. So the delivery man comes over to us pissed off, hes like "Why are u trying to scam me, why are u cheating" At this point we where caught, he takes the food from us, and walks around the corner. So I end up opening the door and we go in and hide in the basement until he leaves...
This was the first time such fail has happened.

Question time
Some of the more skilled carders will ask, why we ran? We ran because we where right next to a corner and next to a openable apartment block door, but the key got stuck and we where caught.
And IM quite sure its good that we atleast got away, because when we got back to the crip we decided to order 1 more time, it said the card didn't go through, so that would mean the card owner closed the card. And maybe the delivery man came to say this :S or maybe he knew what was going on.
Luckily as of yet nothing has happened, and I don't believe they will ransack the entire block to find someone who order food..
So basically u should rarely do in person pickup, atleast get someone else to pick it up. Because 1 time it might go wrong, I have atleast 50 orders of food for 100 dollars per order, things have gone slightly wrong 3/4 times so make sure to stay safe!


Here are some things I might have done wrong...
1. Its like 7nd time I order food with the same card over a period of 5-6 days. (Always make sure to use different cards when especially doing pickups!) Sadly IM poor motherfucker so I had limited options
2. The proxy/VPN server was not the same as the country of order. (Always make sure to do carding properly! And in a safe manner) I had limited options because of money, and public proxy is NO GOOD! Because its very likely its blacklisted! Check online if ur blacklisted.
3. Im ordering close to the HQ/Crip. (Try to make sure ur drop or the delivery address is not nearby to ur place) This is not super important if ur not stupid.
4. Always try to hide ur face just little bit.
5. Maybe it wasent the best idea to run, but we had no money so we wouldn't wanna risk him having us pay for the food. But then again maybe he started running towards us because we forgot some sauce or drink or some shit haha, I will never know.. (Always try to stay calm, and think smart, Because if I was calm I wouldn't have broken my key in the door, and then I wouldn't be sitting here hungry writing this)

What I did right...
I did everything other then above right.
I will differently recommend having a girl picking up things especially low security stuff like food, because no one would believe some little girl did it.
And not only that when its a girl they don't question anything lmao.. Fact from this takeaway differently.

Also DO NOT LET THEM GET PHOTOS, watch out for their phone/camera they might take a picture without u knowing it. And then the police will have much more to work with especially if u do this everyday like me.

TL:DR/Story written short
We order from takeaway with stolen credit card, delivery man left food outside door, we take it and walk to HQ. He stop us and ask if its for us, we calmly say yes. He goes back to hes car, then suddenly he shouts and runs towards us, so we decide to try and run and hide in apartment block which we where RIGHT NEXT TOO.. I stressed out broke the key and we where caught, he took the food back. Then he looked away/went to the corner, then we fix the door, open it and hide in basement until he goes.

But 1 out of 50 times something dosent go to the plan isn't too bad. (Lets just hope, for me its case closed :S )
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