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Red Bull

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Sep 13, 2013
Back From Hell....

Brand new business with a brand new name, same good quality in this old game.
To those that know me, and work with me : keep making money!!!
To those that don't know me : hopefully will get to know me, and start making money together.

We are here to improve this game by offering daily updates -
mixed bases - worldwide countries - great prices - bulk deals for our clients - gain customers satisfaction.

For whom our service is dedicated for?

Our service is dedicated for professional & long-time in game carders who have their own, checked by time, bins.
This is not a secret that sometimes it's really impossible to get rare bins even if you have fifty seller contacts in your ICQ.
With our help you can always have the stuff to work with.

Prices for the popular bins are different from the prices in list below.
After update all popular bins are going to auction. You will get your stuff if you will offer highest price per dump.

Replace policy for DECLINED dumps

Replace will be given checked only if customer will complaint on a high decline rate because we will suspect him in cheating & begging for free dumps (we are knowing validrate of our base which is always perfect). High decline rate is 10% or more. Also this situation can happens if you will try dumps for high amounts or in blocked countries (e.g. you will try USA dumps in eastern European countries). Our service is not responsible for those situations. After that replace will not be given as we are never replacing approved by our checked dumps & we can deny you further using of our service.


You pay upfront always. No delivery until payment is completed.
No free/test dumps will be given.
No advices will be given about BINs.
We does not gurantee high balance at dumps.
Service rules can be changed at any moment w/o customers notifications.

Our key benefits are:

Always instant delivery when ICQ or Jabber is Online. Not longer than 20 minutes. **
Well quality base.
Safe communications through ICQ or Jabber with OTR encryption.
Loyal replace policy (we are using try2 service for checking, complaint timeout 24hrs).
Regular & strong monthly updates.
The biggest base at market. Ask about your favorite bins — we have them in stock.
Lot's of Discovery dumps in stock.

I can check the dumps at your request.
Instant delivery and replace

Payment methods :-

..............BitCoin /BTC 10% Fee (we are using btc-e weighted average rate to convert USD in BTC) / no minimum
................LiteCoin/LTC 5% Fee (we are using btc-e weighted average rate to convert USD in BTC) / no minimum
....................PerfectMoney is not accepted
........................WU/MG Accepting only from Bulk Buyers ( Minimal Order is 750$ + 10% drop Fee )

the only contect ICQ $$$ = 693024116


Apr 2, 2016
Apparently I was a late starter with the dumps you posted for free earlier. I tried like five and they were a no go, I know I gotta be ontop of that stuff. But thanks for putting them on here, thats hella cool to do. thanks for sharing..

I will be hitting you up on ICQ. When I put more bitcoin in my wallet. I am running low.. Hit me up when you do the freebee thing again, I'll make some quick cash and come share it with you for sharing with me, and I'll buy some from you too.

I am gonna send you a friend request on ICQ.
Nov 16, 2015
I have one wellsfargo bank account balance have about 3800-4000 usd.i have username and password .login all ok.but I don't have this account ssn, but I have this account this passport photo have the face.can help me change 60% to Hong Kong bank account?


Jan 17, 2016
One Of the best Vendor among vendors (without showing disrespect to other respected vendors on here),his stuffs are of a HOOK,A+++ to you.
keep selling good and juicy dumps to "dumpers"lol

Red Bull

Verfied Vendor
Sep 13, 2013
Back From Hell....
Fresh Usa State+city + T2+T1 + 95% Validity + 101-201 + Instant Delivery By Bitcoin
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