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anonymous weapons


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in your lappy
Hi guys securer is sharing anonymous tools and they r really cool i too sometime use them :)

TOR project
Virtual Private Network (VPN) I'm not suggesting free as these as are unreliable as they hand IP addresses over.There are many paid for VPN services offered at decent prices.
Do Not Track Plus stops tracking companies DoNotTrackMe | Protects Your Privacy By Blocking Online Tracking No Script for Firefox
No Script add on for Chrome no

Denial of Service tools
LOIC (Low Orbit Ionic Cannon) DDoS tool (Not suggested)
HOIC (High Orbit Ionic Cannon) DDoS tool Anonymous High Orbit Ion Cannon.rar
Pyloris DoS PyLoris | Free software downloads at
Slowloris Slowloris HTTP DoS
Tor's Hammer Tor's Hammer - Slow POST Denial Of Service Testing Tool ≈ Packet Storm Anonymous DDoS toolkit Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire guns
Bangledshi attack kit BanglaDos-Bangladesh DoS Attack Engine.rar

Care packages
EarthQuakeInABox EarthQuakeInABox - AnonSource Technologies
More care packages Involve | RemainAnon

Pirate tools
Bittorrent<--- I like better lol than Utorrent BitTorrent - Delivering the World's Content
To get torrents go to Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site or Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site its a mirror. Sweden hardly ever hands out IP addresses.
If you live in England or any site where TPB is banned download this Unblock_Piratebay_v2.exe - FileSmelt File and Image Hosting .
Also you can get onto most sites with the TOR PROJECT.
Sony property made by a anon -->
Reliable torrent site Home - YIFY Torrents

Anonops Radio(they need more listeners)
Anonops Radio

You have all the tools. You need. Now go FIGHT. :)