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Before I begin, I'd just like to say that carding hotels is not exactly the smartest idea for obvious reasons. You're staying at the place that you're using stolen credit card information at so naturally you run the risk of the police showing up.

That being said...I've personally done this many many times, I've had the police show up twice. Once because the card came back stolen when they attempted to charge it. Once because I was getting f**ked up and smoking weed in the room like an idiot. Neither time did I or anyone I was with get arrested, and neither time did the police HAVE ANY DAMN CLUE WTF was really going on.

This method requires a fair amount of social engineering skill and a pretty good telephone voice.

1. Starting Out
So you're gonna want a good high balance CVV. It doesn't really matter what kind of card it is so long as the hotel you intend to book accepts it.
Hotels deal with credit cards in an interesting way, for the most part they require you to have a physical card to present for incidentals at check-in regardless if another card was used over the phone or internet when placing the reservation.
So the first thing we need to do is work around this.
Figure out what hotel you'd like to stay at, call them up. Every hotel is different, some direct you to a reservations agent, some will go right to the hotel front desk. Either way, you're going to pretend you're a travel agent.

2. Booking The Room
Once the person picks up the phone you must sound super professional on the phone. Always answer like this
"Hey there! Tim from American Express Travels, how are you doing today?"
99% of the time you will catch the agent off guard. They no longer are treating you like a regular customer, they are treating you as a representitave of a multi-million dollar travel agency. Most hotels have special relationships with travel agencies and are trained to treat TAs like VIP customers.
Now, one of two things will happen now, the reservations agent you are speaking two will either delightfully continue with your booking OR they will ask you for your IATA number. If they ask for your IATA, hang up, this method will not work for this hotel, try a different one. Personally, ive only had 1 or 2 hotels ask me for my IATA, usually they will not and will simply believe you when you say you're from a travel agency.
Tell them that you have a VIP client who just had a mishap with thier travel plans and you need to make a last minute reservation at thier hotel. Ask them about what rooms they have available for a last minute booking. They will list off what they have available and quote you a price per night. I DONT SUGGEST BOOKING FOR MORE THAN ONE NIGHT PER HOTEL PER CARD.
Now, remember when I said they usually require the person who checks in to have a credit card with them for incidentals? We're about to override this completely! After you tell them which room you'd like to book, tell them that you're just going to cover the cost on your company credit card and that you need a copy of thier "Credit Card Authorization Form". They will take the name of the person who is going to check in "You with a fake id, or an idiot fall guy" and they will take the credit card information over the phone to reserve the room. They will ask you for an email address to send the reservation info and the cc auth form to. Give them a burner email. Congrats, your booking has been made, but we still have another step before you can successfully check in.

3. Checking In
You wont be able to check in without a credit card until they have recieved and processed the credit card auth form. This form is dumb easy, print it out, fill out the credit card info and sign it at the bottom. Most forms will ask what the card is allowed to cover, always check off "All Charges". This means the card will be charged for room and tax as well as ANY incidentals INCLUDING room service food and alchohol (My Favorite!).
Once you're done filling out the CC auth form, fax it or scan and email it back to the reservations agent at the front desk. Allways call back as the travel agent to confirm that they have recieved the CC auth form, this will assure that when you check in they WILL NOT ask for a credit card and will swiftly give you your room keys and check you immediatly in.
Thats pretty much it, I've successfully run up 1500+ bills in one night with NO problem. If you suspect anything is off or the hotel workers are looking at you funny GET OUT, you do not want to be there if the cops show up. If you do get apprehended by the police stick to this story.
"I paid a guy cash and asked him to book me a hotel room for the night because I dont have a credit card."
Don't admit to knowing anything about a travel agent or having anything to do with any type of credit card anything, play DUMB. I've seen someone get let loose because of lack of evidence of anyone commiting a crime. Its a fairly convoluted operation and if the cops do show up, its likely for a declined card not because they know its stolen. COPS ARE DUMB AS f**k.


Surely if you buy a card which you know the high balance too would be no problem then of the possibility getting rejected.
When you book on expedia ect they take the money off your card straight away unlike some other sites like
Ive stayed in hotels before not carded but i dont remember having to show my card even though they wer booked online
One the Credit Card Authorization form is aks for a photocopy of the card used to book... How do you get around that?
photoshop my friend, download a template for whatever card you are using (search bin # if yo arent sure of the carrier) and there should be templates for that specific card online, just alter the name and numbers, and prest-o change-o, you have your card... if it looks to crisp and clear in the template, print it out and photocopy the printout, then scan fax the oldschool black & white copy of the printout... it gives it that well cared for look lol