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Hello Guys Please Leave Your Feedback About My Work On This Thread
No Questions And Answer's Here,
This Thread For Only Feedback Of Your Transfer

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Verfied Vendor
i have picked money without any problem sir
found exactly what I asked for exeptional service!!
You are Fabulous bro ! I highly recommend him
you are the best seller of the moment . Big respect for you transfer master !!!!!!!
Vouch for my boy Optex_Valid! Just bought transfer from him and it was amazing
Trusted user, don't hesitate on doing business with him!
A++ vendor go ahead bro keep your service up
Received my paypal transfer very quickly,good job!!
strongly recommend this guy ������������
keep up the good work my nigga u the real deal thank you
Sir i am back money picked without any problem i give them Ref# and my ID they gave me money
Everything was good i am so happy with you work and leaving feedback for you ty bro for this awesome job
I Just Checked My Account Money Is There $7000 Thank You Bro
And Chashed Out Done Few Minutes Ago They Ask Me Nothing About It
That's Why I Am So Happy WIth Your Awesome Work
Good Luck In Your Business Bro We Will Make Good Money $$$$$
I am back from WU agent with money you sent to me A+ transaction without any problem
Everything was great and good they gave me money without asking me anything
That was so cool

Nice guy good service Cheers
i got mtcn from him yesterday store was closed thats why my guy picked money today
I am so happy with his work i made $$$ without any problem cool and awesome work :)
My deal for moneygram transfer with him completed i have picked money from agent location
His work is really safe and good just give them your ID and take your money
Was very amazing and nice business :)
Bought blank login and received in 10minutes thanks balance checked everything is good all info is valid and great

Available Balance As Of Today : $ 5,730.02
Last Login : May 29, 2016
Money picked successfully thank you for this amazing transfer
Now i am ready for large transaction now you are a great person for me ty ty bro

great seller. Don't hesitate to deal with him.
Yes Confirmed And Picked Today Without Any Worry Was So Much Excited About Your Transaction
And That's Awesome Work You Did For Me I Already Vouched For Your All Servies
I just checked my account money is there bro
Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

☆★☆★Thank You For a Delightful Transaction.☆★☆★
Just came back from Moneygram agent store with money
Money picked in just 10minutes, Awesome Transfer
Highly Recommend Seller


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Thank You So Much Guy's For Awesome And Excellent Feedback
I just withdraw money from my paypal account and its goes sucessfully

Hello guys i received $5000 in my paypal account from him, Money was clean and clear as he said

Thank you for this good and clear transaction
Yes account checked skrill $$$ received thanks Optex_Valid for this transfer
I tried his service as test and it was great
Optex_Valid sir now i can do businss with you
My deepest thanks to you bro
He is real WU transfer guy i made deal and got money from him
No.1 seller of verifiedcarder.ws admin thank you so much for this guy

"big vouch for him"


I am doin business with him from last 4 months always perfect work
He is man of his words i vouch for him, He is A+ and real vendor


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Thanks You Guys For Feedback And Vouche's Business Is Up For Worldwide Hurry Up @icq 645149
Big Vouch for Optex_Valid Best Seller i ever see in my life.
Awesome Service.
Received my WU payment sucessfully
He is 100% trusted guys!
Incredible Service!! Super Duper and legit mate business.
tnx tnx broo you the best !!
Great Work...... impressive.
All the best and Vouch for you bro. you are really great dealer.
bst for ever i received my paypal funds from Optex_Valid.
i got my cash ah you make my day man happy to get your service
guys feel free to deal with him, He is awesome
thank you bro for give us good option for make money without do anything.
no doubt i got no problem with receiving fund in paypal thanks bro gonna deal again
vouch for you dear bro."I Love You So Much" ++Vouch For you.
Amazing Legit Fast Seller..... Hats Off to Your Work Bro.....