CS:GO Trainer Game Cheats Cardable Method


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Feb 23, 2018
In this method i will share my Private Website for Cheats like CS:GO Trainer. The Cheat is Premium and its Cardable so you don't need to worry about getting VAC
I used this cheat for about 8-9 months.

So to get started we are going to use a Website called PiratePerfection: https://www.pirateperfection.com

Firstly you need to register on the Website:

Click Join the Cew as you can see in the image.
After clicking that you will need to fill in the (Display Name, E-Mail,Password,Security Questions...) Put a real E-mail not the one that expire.

Then you will be asked to Confirm your E-Mail Address. If you can't find the Confirmation Link in the inbox, search for it in you E-Mail its there somewhere.

After Confirming your E-Mail Address go to Store and then go to SHax-CS:GO Trainer

Then you will be redirected to chose the Renewal Term, you can pick 10.00EUR per Month, 50.00EUR per 6 Months or 100.00EUR per year.
I am going to chose 100.00EUR per year. And then click Add to Cart​

Then Click Review & Checkout

After that you will be redirected to click CHECKOUT, it will show you Subtotal: 12.00EUR but its okay, it will be easier to card and the cheat will last 1 Year and after it expires create a new account and card it again following the same steps.

It will ask you for Billing Information, me myself i puted a real one from ATN Public Card, just find a USA Credit Card that has: Name,Surname,Address,Zip,State. After filling that in, click Continue to Order Review

Then it will ask you How do you want to Pay? You will need to chose Stripe Then go to ATN and wait for someone good to post a Public Credit Card. If you get an error: Your card was declined, just keep trying.

After purchasing your Cheat you are free to go to Cheat, i am only here to show you how to Card the cheat, you just need to download it launch etc...

May 14, 2018
This is differently a very nice site, the site owner is danish. They make cheats for a lot of different games and a lot of them are very good..
Checkout their payday 2 cheat!!