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    Checking AVS on CVV ( updated December 2012)

    If you want to check a credit card for verification match up on avs (registered biling address) and credit card number. Then please feel free to use the web site: get up and donate charity site weblink: This site approves when there is a direct match between the...
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    Non VBV\MSC Bins ( updated December 2012 )

    Not all have been tested, feel free to add to the list. 412913 477716 431239 455910 VISA ====== 431303 479126 410894 427138 480011 439102 498235 478192 476164 432845 488893 432630 456678 406095 462120 465614 435237 456432 456430 460198...
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    Cardable Sites ( Updated December 2012)

    I thought id share a few sites and it would be nice if others would contribute too. - Non VBV site use any UK CC prefrebly credit put real billing order up to 250GBP 1 item at a time - Use non VBV CC billing and shipping same keep order below 100GBP...