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  1. H

    Looking for workers in the State

    I need full details of client, including drivers license and address to send prepaid card to. I will load the prepaid card after I receive the front and back picture of the prepaid card. Contact now.
  2. M

    Drop, stuff reship

    Hello everyone, i need help with stuff reshiping, i will be happy if you help me, i need some contacts to verified reshipers from Poland or Russia. (please answer as much as possible) Thanks
  3. A

    US drop to accept my US bank ATM card (am not in US)

    US drop to accept my US bank ATM card, almost all of the US virtual sites that offer US address are not willing to accept an atm Card, they say it is illegal. let us strike a deal, tell me how much to forward the atm to me. I am not in US
  4. Z

    I am a friend to all

    Hello forum I have years on this topic, I am in Latin America (PerĂº) I am a legitimate receiver purchases, if they need my help can contact me... Thanks a lot.
  5. K

    Need drop from Germany for stuff electronic

    We need drop from Germany for stuff electronic - apple: iphone 5s, iphone 5,ipad air, ipad mini retina, macbook pro, macbook air : 30% - canon, nikon DSLR 30% payment accept only Bitcoin or PM Contact ICQ: ************** thanks for reading!
  6. M

    HI Everybody, I offer a U.S drop

    Hi everybody. Im new to this forum and I would like to offer a honest reliable service to all members. I have a really good U.S drop in New York. I am open to any offers anybody may have. We can work everything out on yahoo messenger if you are interested. I can be contacted at ******** on yahoo...
  7. S

    Drop in UK

    I pan to work, my interes is credit card dpoping. I plan to get credit cards for dropping in ATM,Uk. Wait your answer, Ivan Ukraine
  8. M

    Shop online in usa without drop and have goods shipped to you

    Some people probably know this already, but here is a little guide for those who don't you can buy from USA online stores and have your goods delivered to a us address which then forwards your goods to the destination country of choice. Go to - - Top Rated Package and Mail...