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  1. P

    Hello, Guys!

    Hello, I`m from Mexico, I`m 31 years old and I want to learn about of carding. I`m transgender person...I like all about hacking, cracking and sotfware development. Name : Nick Name : P4ch3k1ux From : Mx City : Tijuana Sex : Female trans Hobbies : Read, Watch TV, Development...
  2. N

    Hi guys!

    My first post didn't go through. Trying again ....... Name: Jean Nickname: namaste From: United States City: West Side Sex: ABSOLUTELY ... (Female) Hobbies: Getting free money and spending it Got this site from: Surfing Hi guys. New here. Got burnt on another site so if you don't...
  3. C

    hey guys!

    hi guys im cybercliff from philippines. i join here to get some free CC and want to learn carding techniques. :D
  4. J

    What's up guys!

    Hey guys, my name is john and i am from brazil, i'm male (of course haha), i've 18 years and nice to met you guys :D