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  1. B

    please help me with pm info

    i just recently bought an msr machine and spent over $2000 on fake bank transfers, dumps, cvv and random accounts only to have gained a couple hunderd dollars in fuel. I have been evicted from my apt on an arguement with the management gone wrong. I am out of money and living in my car now and...
  2. W

    hi everyone im W1n73rf3ll

    hi there i want to contribute and post good stuff and help my comunity and maintain the rules of security im get ripped of so many times i can count so if you need some info about the scammers i think i can know them miles away an help you need or want dont hesitate in ask
  3. M

    Exploiting Credit Card Track2 Info

    The following article explains practically how vulnerable banks are in the operation of ATM cards. ATM cards (Credit cards) usually has a magnetic stripe that contains the raw data called tracks for its operation. The physical layout of the cards is standard. The LOGICAL makeup varies from...