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  1. D

    Hello, Im very new at this, and trying to learn to use cc dumps

    Hi, hope you guys will give me a little help. Im here becuse i wanna learn carding. I get the big pickture, but where to by dumps? who to trus? etc.. Im a guy from DK. 28 yo
  2. D

    Hello, Im very new at this, and trying to learn to use cc dumps

    So as said, im very new at this, so I can use all the help i can get. ofcourse I have search and tryed little things, so I have a good idea of how it works, in teori. Where is a good place to buy dumps? who can I trust? (I know theres no guaranties). What about the last link, to get money to...
  3. J

    Hi everybody

    Hi, I hope to learn a lot and help
  4. S

    hey all

    hi all am very now here and looking to learn from the masters here thanks
  5. M


    Hello IŽm here to learn and help others!
  6. G

    New Here

    Hi All, Newbie from AU here Green as they come Hopefully i can learn something and make some ca$h
  7. N


    Hy guys ! I'm new here i whant to learn some thinks and make money .I wish long live to this house !!
  8. K

    Hai there looking forward to learn something interesting here...

    Hai name is Kroo. I'm just a small carder. Wanted to learn more. If u are a valid seller or vendor. Well I am valid buyer. Thats all.