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  1. J

    List Of Fingerprints

    Hello! I need to collect a list of fingerprints of the device (imei imprint, serial number, id, gsf, etc.), ready to buy in bulk or help with cheating CPI (with me soft and consultation). Interested in devices USA and Russia. telegrams @followcomrad123
  2. B

    i need the the database from a webside and also i like to buy email list

    i need the the database from a webside and also i like to buy email list please contact me. greets
  3. G

    Email list, database buy / Looking for hacker

    Looking for adult email list/database, will pay only for unique emails, frequently updated database will be paid more, pm for more info Also looking for a person who can retrieve email database from site contact me
  4. A

    my name is azimut i'm happy to start work with serious carder dealer

    hello im searching for CC just for cash machine plaese contact me for give me an bin list
  5. BlackService

    MEGA Dork List For Online Vuln Shops/Credit Card Hacking

    #/+comersus/database/comersus.mdb #/+comersus/store/comersus.mdb #/../../cart32.mdb #//comersus.mdb #//comersus/comersus.mdb #//comersus/database/comersus.mdb #//database/comersus.mdb #//shop/ #//shop/?M=A #//store/ #//store/?M=A #//store/comersus.mdb #//store/comersus/comersus.mdb...
  6. M

    List of Merchant POS Codes (Useful for understanding decline transactions while cardi

    00 Approved authorization/transaction 01 Call 02 Refer card to issuer 03 Invalid division code 04 Pickup 05 Do not honor 06 Other error 08 Approved, honor with ID 10 Default call 11 Approved VIP approval 12 Invalid Transaction Type 13 Bad amount 14 Invalid credit card number 15...
  7. M

    Partial List of Gateway Error Codes

  8. M

    CC Range List

    3782 xxxxxx xxxxx - AmEx - Small Corporate Card 3787 xxxxxx xxxxx - AmEx - Small Corporate Card 37x8 xxxxxx xxxxx - AmEx Gold 37x3 7xxxxx xxxxx - AmEx Platinum 37xx xxxxxx 11xxx - AmEx issued since 1995 37xx xxxxxx xxxxx - AmEx 3xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx - AmEx Gold 30xxx xxxx xxxxx...