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    Atm Skimmer..... REAL DEAL!

    I can obtain and provide ATM skimmers for certain terminals.... (USA only) Stock is very limited, but legit. Only certain Diebold and NCR models are available at the moment. High quality, 3D printed. Email me for prices. Fast shipping, tracking provided. Not exactly cheap, but well...
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    Hi Guys............ Pleasure to meet you all.. Trust we will be good mates going forward... I have software for sale .. Audio WAV to TRACK.. Hit me up. ICQ-696231620
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    How to Make an ATM Skimmer

    First of all, this is my first post. I'd like to say hi to everyone. I thought I would start off my post with something useful. I take no responsibility for these instructions. They were given to me from a friend. I DID NOT WRITE THEM, AND I DON'T TAKE CREDIT FOR THEM. These instructions...
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    ATM Skimmer & POS

    Consider this incident � Jeremy was on his way to work and suddenly remembered that he had to buy flowers for Janice his co-worker who was celebrating her birthday that day. Jeremy pulled up at the closest ATM centre as he was falling short of cash. Jeremy went inside to withdraw $100 and...